Consultancies at EAKC

The EAKC frequently engages experts under individual contracts to work on short-term projects as an individual consultant or a consortium. The EAKC will occasionally seek a Consultant with a particular area of expertise that provides contract deliverable focusing on analysis, advice and recommendations. The term ‘Consultant’ includes a wide variety of private and public entities including consulting firms, engineering firms, construction managers, management firms, procurement agents, inspection agents, specialized agencies and other multi-national organisations, investment and merchant banks, universities, research institutions, government agencies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and individuals. The EAKC may use Consultants to help in a wide range of activities such as policy advice; institutional reforms; management; engineering services; construction supervision; financial services; procurement services; social and environmental studies.

Bidding Process

The request for bids for Consultancy Services shall whenever appropriate be a Request for Proposals, and shall be a two-stage process.

Terms of Reference (TORs)

TORs shall define clearly the objectives and scope of the assignment, providing background information (including a list of existing relevant studies and basic data) to enable potential Consultants to understand fully the circumstances in which the EAKC is seeking these services.