WHEREAS The United Republic of Tanzania, the Republic of Kenya, and the Republic of Uganda enjoy close regional, educational, scientific, technological, social, economic, cultural and linguistic ties for their mutual benefit;

AND WHEREAS between 1930 and 1964 there existed an Inter- territorial Language Committee whose central aim was to promote the standardization and development of Kiswahili;

AND WHEREAS the Committee rotated its seat between Dar es Salaam (1930-1942); Nairobi (1942-1952); Makerere (1952- 1961) and Dar es Salaam (1962-64);

AND WHEREAS in 1964 the Committee was incorporated into the Institute of Kiswahili Research, University College of Dar es Salaam;

AND RECOGNISING that not withstanding the incorporation of the said Committee and the breakup in 1977 of the East African Community, the educational and language bodies in the said countries, having regard to the interest of and the desire to cooperate, continued to informally interact and formally seek mechanisms to re-establish a framework for formal cooperation;

AND RECOGNISING that the revival of the Community through the signing of the Treaty for the establishment of the East African Community in 1999 presents the Partner States with an opportunity and a framework for realizing the interest and the desire to cooperate in the cultural and linguistic fields;

FURTHER RECOGNISING that article 137 of the Treaty for the establishment of the East African Community provides that Kiswahili shall be developed as the lingua franca of the Community;

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